November 23-December 2, 2018


Follow the guidelines

Guyana Restaurant Week RULES

These regulations are to assure fairness among all participants. If a restaurant does not follow these rules, it creates an imbalance in the  program.

GRW is not about a discounted lunch or dinner; it is about creating a dining experience. In doing so, it is imperative that   restaurants adhere to excellence in:

  1. Levels of Service
  2. Diversity of Menus
  3. Quality of Ingredients
  4. Guest Experience & Satisfaction
  • You must offer a 2-course pre fixed menu for lunch and/or a 3-course pre fixed menu for dinner.
  • You must offer the GRW menus during normal operation hours for the entire period of 10 days.
  • You must provide a Word (.doc) and an image (.jpg) version of your Restaurant Week menu. We post these on our official website and social media pages.
  • You must complete the post-promotion survey to provide feedback on the promotion.